Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Scandal

I came across another little gem during the week. As you might have heard, there was some controversy behind the child singer at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. It turns out that the girl on stage (Lin Miaoke) was actually lip syncing to the voice of another girl (Yang Peiyi). Apparently the real singer didn't quite have the physical appearance and stage presence that the officials were after, so they got a slightly older, prettier girl to go on stage. I found some YouTube videos to show to my class about this, and asked their opinions. These are the links I used:
China Olympics Opening Ceremony girl was lip syncing,
China Olympic Media Doctoring - Girl Lip Sync .
I actually began with one that just showed Lin Miaoke singing (syncing) on stage with no English commentary, but I can't find this link anymore. I tried to give a completely unbiased approach, so that I could see what my students really thought. I was surprised by the outcome. About a quarter of the class thought that it was unfair and said that the real singer should have been on stage because it is about how well she sings, not what she looks like. The other three quarters felt that it was a fair decision. Some said that it was good because both girls got to do something special in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Others said that it was good because the syncher was prettier, or older. I was AMAZED!

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