Monday, September 15, 2008

Behaviour Goals and Build-ups!

This week I'm trying a couple more things to work on how students are treating each other. Our class goal for the week is to "look after other people". I made a display with this goal and put up individual photos of all the kids in my class. Next to their photo, each student has considered a personal goal to meet this and written it on a post-it note. Some include "I will be a better listener", "I will say nice things", "I will respect property" etc. Throughout the week I will get my students to consider how they are going with their goals.

Today I also did a Circle Time session on "Build ups - Not Put downs". I showed my class the effect of put downs, by tearing up a paper heart as I gave examples of put-downs someone could receive in a day. In pairs students then brainstormed build-ups that we could use to build a wall. I taped the pieces of the heart back together as we went through the build-ups. (Unfortunately I couldn't get it back to how it was because my tearing was too eratic. If you want to do this activity, keep in mind how you will put it back together again!)

I've now made an A3 worksheet for each student with a great big heart on it. The heart has been divided into 20 sections (for the number of students in my class). Our next step is to travel around the classroom and write a build-up for everyone in the class. I am thinking that this should take a couple of sessions, as I really want them to be doing quality work and not just recycling the same compliment for everyone.

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  1. Wow what innovative ideas. I love how there are goals set for the week and the kids are able to monitor their progress. I think we will need to do the same in circle time next week! Thanks, Amy.


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