Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday

This Week's Tip: Learn More About The Digital Generation

Once again I am trying to catch up with all the items in my Google Reader Account. With 242 items waiting for me, I know it's going to take a while. How did I let it get this bad? A trip to New York and too much to catch up with on return. All my habits have fallen by the wayside. I am a very habitual person, so once the habit is established I am usually pretty good. But, throw a spanner in the works and the whole thing falls apart!

So, this week I read Wesley Fryer's notes on Milton Chen's presentation, “The Digital Generation: Up Close and Personal” from the 21st Century Learning @ the West Lake Expo held Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2009 at Xi Hu, China. I love that I can attend these conferences virtually through the notes recorded by people in my Personal Learning Network (PLN). The presentation was about the Digital Generation Project conducted by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. This is what the site says of the project:
Today's kids are born digital -- born into a media-rich, networked world of infinite possibilities. But their digital lifestyle is about more than just cool gadgets; it's about engagement, self-directed learning, creativity, and empowerment. The Digital Generation Project tells their stories so that educators and parents can understand how kids learn, communicate, and socialize in very different ways than any previous generation.
While I recommend having a browse around all the materials here, some of the highlights for me are:
Here is an example of a youth portrait. This is Dana, a 9 year old in Maryland.

Check it out for yourself!

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