Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Blogger Behind This Blog #8

I feel I owe my readers an explanation for my slackness with blogging this year. It's not that I have come to devalue blogging, or that I've given up my interest in teaching and technology - these are all still a part of who I am. However, something else has come to the fore. It has jiggled up the way I see the world and the way I use my time.

I'm sharing my body with a baby. I'm going to get to be a mummy.

For me this is huge. This has been my biggest dream for the longest time. In my perspective, this is bigger than anything I've done so far - bigger than teaching, bigger than running, bigger than living in New York City.

I'd always hoped that one day I might get my chance, but never really believed it would happen. I was busy filling my life with these other things, hoping that they might satisfy me instead. And while these have become an important part of who I am, I am very excited by what lies ahead. I feel that it is at the core of who I am.

So, my life has taken a bit of a turn. I'm no longer trying to forward my career in order to make up for being childless. I'm no longer looking for a running challenge to push me to my limits. I'm no longer balancing on the cutting edge of technology, waiting to try the latest and greatest. Instead, I'm trying to look after my family: my husband, my baby and myself. I'm taking time to rest and relax. I'm taking time to talk to my husband and plan for the future. I'm taking time to eat right and take the dog for a walk.

I plan to keep blogging, at least for now, but over the next couple of months I will be moving Friday Fun across to the School Website on our My Classes page. This will make it only accessible to parents, but will make it easier for other teachers to contribute to and continue once I go on maternity leave.

I want to thank those of you who have supported me with my blogging journey so far, and apologise for my inconsistency of late.



  1. Congratulations on the wonderful news. I follow another blogger who became a mom very recently. Her blog is about living with diabetes but she has used most her blogging this year talking about being pregnant and the changes this will bring. Because you are a natural blogger you might find it interesting to create a brand new blog just for reflections on how this new experience is going and what it means to you and your family. It will help you to process all the thoughts that race through your mind. Best of luck in this, your greatest challenge!

  2. How fabulous for you and your family. You are doing exactly the right thing. I do trust that all will go smoothly and I will keep this blog in my RSS so you can post when your baby is safely delivered!

    All the best


  3. This is so exciting and I'm so happy for you!!! Thanks for the update. Please let us know how you are once in awhile and give us news about the baby!

  4. Dear Penny,
    Heartiest congratulations to you both. Being a mummy IS the best job in the world. Mine are 21 and 18 now. I have delighted in your blog since I discovered it. Thanks so much. I've learned a great deal. You've really helped me seem savvy at school. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mum. Wishing you every good wish on the big adventure in front of you.


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