Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tech Tips Tuesday

Two more simple uses for iPads in the classroom 

As I am becoming established in my new school, I am starting to work out the processes for borrowing and using ICT equipment. This week I made use of iPads for a couple of simple tasks, mostly just to get into the swing of using technology with my students. So, here are a couple of simple tips for this week:

Teach doubles with Photo Booth
Students set out some counters and take a photo using the mirror setting in photo booth. They can then count the counters in the image to work out the doubles fact. These can be printed out for students to glue into their books and label with the number sentence.

Student created clip art for class notices
Why not have students create the clip art for class newsletters, the class blog, or a secure web environment? You can use any drawing app and have students draw with or without a stylus. Save the images, crop where necessary and use as required. Always remember to give credit to the student/s who created the images, and check whether they are happy for their work to be used in this way. This helps students to appreciate the rights of others, and understand their responsibilities when it comes to using images.

For more simple uses, you might like to read: Three simple uses for iPads in the classroom

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  1. I missed reading a tip last week- can understand given the circumstances BUT very glad to find one today!
    I love the photo mirror idea! So simple. I am totally pinning that idea!
    It's great to hear that you're settling in.
    Great ideas and I look forward to implementing them.


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