Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Blogger Behind this Blog #1

Today, while doing the dishes, I realised that I haven't really given you much of my background. I've been keeping myself somewhat distant from the content I post. I guess I wanted to see where this blog went, and wanted to provide 'professional' ideas for other teachers to use. But, surely I can do that, and still tell you a little more about the 'me' who sits and types all of these things on the computer!

And so, "The Blogger Behind this Blog" is born. (I can hear my students yelling at me: "That's alliteration!") If you like it let me know, otherwise, it may end just as quickly!

I grew up in this city (which I am trying not to disclose for extra security of my students) and went through the largest part of my schooling here. Early in my life I decided I wanted to be a teacher AND a mum AND a writer AND (in yrs 3-6) a model. I absolutely ADORED school. I loved all my teachers and to this day can still name them all. I was definitely a square and generally did well with my work. I was successful at school and always felt sorry for the kids who didn't 'get it' and were always in the teacher's bad books. I tried to help them to 'get it' and was often sat next to the 'bad boy' who for some crazy reason I was always in love with! (Isn't that always the way with we crazy females!) At some point, I decided that when I became a teacher, I wanted to help those kids that were ALWAYS in trouble with the teacher. Now that I'm there, I understand where my teachers were coming from - it's so hard to help those ones while also managing a classroom and teaching the content that needs to be covered! I do my best, and usually maintain a positive response, but sometimes I just get really frustrated!

Well, that's enough for the first one. Post me your questions for future BBBs in the comments box!


  1. Thanks for showing us a little of who you are and sharing the real facts about who you are behind close doors, in the classroom. Like you I try to keep positive but sometimes it gets frustrating. In the current context of learning to work collaboratively it is important as teachers that we aren't scared to be wrong or to have real frustrations or even bad days. I think opening ourselves up is the only way we will transform our teaching practice and the students experience of learning.

    Thanks again Penny

  2. Love the pictures. Good for you wanting to give back what was given to you!

  3. That's great that you knew what you wanted to do with your life, I'm still wondering. My mom went back to school, she is learning how to become a teacher, she is working at a daycare right now and is hoping to move up into the public school system. So, I am learning with her. Also, thank you for the wonderfull comment you left on my blog for the last post of the competition. ^^

  4. It was great to see your photos. Thanks for sharing. I am really enjoying reading your blogs.


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