Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Raising the Flags

Today we had a special flag raising ceremony with our new flags and flagpoles. We all met at the front of the school, sang the anthem and watched as the flags were raised. It was a windy day - perfect for seeing the flags flying.

At our school's 50th Birthday Celebration, earlier in the year, Matilda House (Aunty Matilda) a local Aboriginal elder gave a speech. As part of this, she said that she hoped one day to see the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags hanging side by side with the Australian flag at the front of the school.

Today we saw that happen.

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  1. Wonderful! United we stand at last! I love how we acknowledge the Ngunnawal people- the traditional owners of this land at the beginning of each assembly , meeting, gathering etc.
    It now is expected and a very natural occurence.Its great I think. Ali


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