Saturday, December 6, 2008

Classroom Chats #1 Reflections of Beginning Teachers

Classroom Chats is a new feature of the Teaching Challenges Blog. Here teachers chat about the challenges they face in the classroom and the successes they experience. In this episode I chat with Bec and Kym, two beginning teachers, as they reflect on their teaching in the past year.

Bec has previous experience with relief teaching, teaching in a school library, and in 2007 shared a year 2 class with another teacher. This year she had her own class with all the related challenges.

Kym is Early Childhood trained and did her Internship at our school in 2007. In term one of this year she directed a pre-school room in a childcare setting. She joined Bec and I in Year 1 at the beginning of second term. She had the challenge of joining a school partway through the year and taking on a difficult class in her first year of teaching.
Thanks to Matt for the guitar intro to classroom chats. You're a legend Matt!

Click here to listen to our classroom chat.
If you are having trouble with the links, you can see the original to download the audio file.


  1. I can't get the link to the classroom chat to work. When I press on it, it goes there but doesn't play. I have checked the volume! Has anyone else accessed it? Ali

  2. It worked for me! But then, I already know what we said.... ;o)
    Pen, you are doing an awesome job here - excellent resource for people like me! Thanks Penny.


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