Thursday, July 30, 2009

Call for posts

I've been getting frustrated lately when I check my email account. I find that I have been receiving HEAPS of posts for the Teaching K-6 Blog Carnival, but most of them are of the "100 most...", "25 best...", "5 new..." variety, and what I am REALLY looking for are some decent conversations and real-life examples of teaching and learning in the classroom. Now, I realise that it is Summer Break in the Northern Hemisphere, so I'm happy for bloggers to submit something from earlier in the year.
This month I was hoping for a focus on Mathematics, so I'm particularly looking for posts about what you have tried with Maths and how it worked out. How do you determine what to teach? What have you learnt about the way students think and learn as they develop new concepts?
The deadline is August 5th, so revisit your blog posts and see what you can send me...please? Otherwise, the only Maths will be the 100 most, 25 best and 5 new whatevers!

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  1. Hi Penny,
    Maths has always been one of my favourite areas. Over the years I have collected a large range of hands-on tasks and mathematical investigations that are mostly stored in my head.
    Recently I started yet another blog as a way of collecting them together in one place, using tags and categories to make it easy for me and others to find appropriate tasks.
    I don't know if this is helpful for your blogging carnival, and as mentioned I only started about ten days ago, but feel free to have a look.


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