Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday

This Week's Tip: Dealing with Chain Email

Ugh! Yesterday we had our first incident of chain email in Year 4. It didn't come through anything we're doing at school or through any of our school email, but it does require our attention. As it turns out, some of our students have been creating their own Hotmail and other accounts. Because we don't provide email to students (except through SuperClubs which is carefully monitored) I hadn't realised the need to explain to students about email spam - particularly the dreaded chain mail.

The chain is one of the "send this on or you will be killed by a spirit" variety, which led to a fearful night for one of my students. I'm not sure how much further it has gone so far and I've been trying to determine the best approach to take. I think it is important to educate students about all aspects - the positive AND negative - of working in an online environment. With the right support they will know how to respond to these negative aspects.

So, today we'll watch this YouTube video:

We'll have a bit of a chat about what chain email is and how students can manage unwanted emails. I'll also remind students that they should be using SuperClubs for their email while they're still learning cybersafety!

What do you suggest? How have you faced this issue with your children/students?

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