Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Fun - 11/9/09

Fun This Week

ABC3 Promos
We made more progress with our promos this week and we have two finished and ready to go. Most have the video/pictures recorded and are now manipulating the timings and adding audio with Movie Maker. It's a LOT of hard work to juggle all the stages with sixty students and limited equipment (with batteries running out) and limited time, but I still think we'll get there - with at least half of them!

Learning Journey
Parents came for the learning journey and had the opportunity to see their child's work and find out more about the things they have been learning. It was well attended and the students were very excited to be able to have some special time with their parents.

Alkira Projects
This week we took our tie-dyed material and added felt stick-ons, buttons, pom-poms and fabric flowers as desired. I was impressed to see the creativity of one student who created a caterpillar using a series of pom-poms. These will go on sale at our Alkira Art Show in a couple of weeks.

For Friday Sport I joined the circus group this week. The kids in this group are exposed to a number of circus skills including juggling, acrobatics, plate spinning and hoola-hoop. I enjoyed practicing juggling - firstly with scarves and then with balls.

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