Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oh poo!

Had a shocker on Wednesday morning.

For once I was on time getting my little guy out the door and headed next door for family day care. It was a good feeling because it rarely happens, since I usually have to coax him away from whatever he is playing with and wrestle to get his socks and shoes on!

Once out the door, however, the struggle began with my little guy trying to balance along the garden edge. I was trying to suggest this wasn't so nice for our neighbour as some of the plants spilt over the edge and he was trampling them. Of course, being a stubborn two-year-old, he insisted and so I continued to the front door without him. He burst into tears and I then stood on the stoop looking like a heartless (and spineless) mum.

So, I got him through the door with a cuddle and continued with the normal signing in process and hand over. All looked to be going well again so I headed over to my little guy's side to sing our goodbye song. Only, once I got there, I spotted mud on the bottom of one of his shoes. And on closer inspection, realised it was actually dog poo. So the next ten minutes was gobbled up cleaning the mess he had walked in and his shoes. And then we realised it was also on the bottom of MY shoe. I thought I'd never get off to work!

Of course, I did finally get to work, and told my story to the other teachers as we took turns on the photocopier. These teachers were also balancing the mummy and teacher roles, so we laughed about how hectic our mornings are and the many things we race around doing before our work day begins. We remembered the days before family when we only had ourselves to get ready in the morning.

Having a little one has definitely changed my time management. I find my days very full and don't get around to sitting and chatting to staff members as much as before. I try to get my work day finished at work as once I'm home there is no guarantee I'll have time to do anything. I like to think it's forcing me to work smarter as well, but that's yet to be proven!

I am enjoying both parts to my life at the moment and the challenges each brings. Life is far from boring!

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  1. Jacqueline KnowltonMarch 25, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    Penny, as a mother of a two year old, I can say that I have spent many morning marveling at how parents ever got their students to my class on time each and every day. I look back and laugh at myself because I would send home notes to some families who occassionally brought their children to school late; as this was the protocol mandated by our administration to meet AYP. I am now positive that they must have complained about the young teacher who had only herself to worry about in the morning. Boy, did I not realize how a temper tantrum could make a morning that was off to an early start, turn into a late arrival! I think teachers who are also parents bring an additional perspective to the classroom and hopefully use this to bridge some barriers that often are between parents and teachers. Ironically, we just found ourselves adopting a puppy today because the previous owners had to give him up after an unsuccessful week. It wasn't our ideal plan, but I can imagine that this transition of getting used to toddler and puppy may result in some messy shoes on the way to school! I look forward to your insight on how to work smarter not harder!


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