Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tech Tips Tuesday

Inkflow App for iPad

I recently had a PD afternoon at my school and accidentally turned up without a pen or pencil. Instead I decided to try taking notes with the Inkflow app on my iPad. I now have a stylus for my iPad, but still struggle a bit to write on it without resting my hand on the screen (hence the messy writing). However, I did enjoy the ability to add in photos to keep a better record of what was going on in the session.

In the classroom I think it would be useful for students to take snapshots of their learning and record the process and/or their reflections. It would be a quick way for students to take a photo and label significant parts, with each student contributing ideas to the discussion. I am trying to improve my stylus writing, however there is also an insert text option for if I didn't have, or didn't want to use a stylus. 

In terms of sharing, the notes can be emailed, exported as PDF or jpeg, tweeted or saved as a snapshot. These are a good range of options that I think would meet most of my needs.

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