Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feeling Challenged

I have spent the best part of the past two days trying to get my head around podcasting. I know how to find great podcasts, to download podcasts and have many ideas for using them in the classroom...but when it comes to creating my own podcast, it's a whole new challenge!

I am creating a podcast geared toward strengthening parent/teacher relationships. This is something I feel very strongly about and have put a lot of thought into over the past few years. But, the podcast idea is new. I figure that parents probably want tips, but quickly, and while they are multi-tasking other things. So, what better way to do this, than through a podcast. I'm hoping that I can share this with the parents of the children I teach, but also to a much wider audience.

Now, I'm just fumbling through all the technical aspects. I feel like someone learning to ski, or surf. It's strange, scary, and I have no idea what all the bits are, how they fit together and what it all means! I'm learning about RSS feeds, tags, and pinging. It makes me realise how hard things can be for our students when they are starting something new.

I will persist, and hopefully, conquer! Surely it can only get easier with time...

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