Friday, October 17, 2008

Seize the Moment

I'm generally one for seizing the moment. If I can see an opportunity for the kids to learn something new from an experience, I like to jump on board. The other day I came across a blog made by children in Year 2 in Brisbane - 2M Gems. They showed a video of their class pet praying mantis shedding its skin. Having never seen this before, I found it quite amazing to watch, and knew the kids in my class would be just as fascinated.

As I walked out to my car the next day I saw a dragonfly on my pjs, hanging on the clothes line. I pulled out my camera and took a photo - realising the link we could make between the video and the dragonfly. I was very excited by the idea, but when I got to school, our internet was down, and then the next day, the video was blocked!

Today I finally managed to beat the system. We watched the video, looked at my photo and then discussed facts about praying mantises (also on the 2M Gems website). On Friday we have our turn in the library, so I grabbed all the insect books and the kids looked through them and tried to find out about different types of insects.

There's nothing like seizing the moment...even if it takes a while!!

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