Monday, October 13, 2008

The Way We Were - Update

Today was the first day back to school for this term. Two weeks of vacation allowed us to relax a bit and I was impressed with how "ready to learn" the kids were today. We jumped straight back to work with students doing some really impressive writing.

We will be having our "Grandparents and Grandfriends Day" on Wednesday, so today we thought a little more about Grannies. We read "Our Granny" written by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Julie Vivas. We discussed our own grannies as we read each page. Then students drew a picture of their granny and wrote a few sentences to describe their granny using 'is', 'has' and 'does' as guide words. Like I said earlier, there was some really impressive writing. One little girl even attempted a number-bulleted list of how her granny helps people!

I finally found a way to share lesson plans etc using Google Docs, so click here for an overview of our program:

And if you missed my earlier blog with details, click here:


  1. I loved looking at your lessons. I am impressed that lessons plans there are pretty much like our lesson plans here. I think you have it well organized and I like the sequence as you build up to the final activities. This sounds like a lot of fun so I hope you post at the end about their reactions and results.

  2. I think there is nothing better than incorporating grandparents and grandfriends (never heard that term, but love it)into the lives of school children!


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