Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Fresh Start #1

At the beginning of a new school year I like to get in before the official start date in order to familiarise myself with my new surroundings. I stand in my new classroom, take photos, imagine different parts of the school day, play with the desk arrangement and try to get a sense of how things are going to work.

Some things I consider are:
  • placement of whiteboards
  • location of student computers
  • wall space and bulletin boards
  • floor space for gathering, dance and drama activities
  • placement of teacher desk
  • available resources
  • storage space
  • nooks and crannies

Here are some photos of my new classroom (without captions because Blogger doesn't play fair with images!):


  1. For those of us in the U.S., could you explain when your school year starts? What are the dates? When does it end? I have read Colin Becker's twitter comments and noticed that he is starting school as well. It would be interesting to hear how it works.

  2. Good to see you are organised, I've been at work doing odd jobs but still have heaps more to do before the term starts.

    To answer recessduty, check this site out.

  3. Daniel -

    I checked the link out. Cool! I am still amazed that my PLN has allowed me to learn technology & education knowledge from people in Australia! Better than any school district sponsored in-service day!

    Thank you!

  4. I find it interesting that your year is just beginning. Our schools in SC begins in August and ends in June. Sometimes it is fun to have a fresh new start.

  5. Nice looking classroom. Where can I trade-in my 1959 built room?


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