Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Teachers - Highschool

I'm not going to go through all my highschool teachers one-by-one like I did with my primary school teachers, but I would like to mention the things I really appreciated about some of my better highschool teachers.
  • they provided choice for assignments - particularly in English
  • they took an interest in students as people (but weren't trying to suck up)
  • they knew their content area well and could relate it to real life
  • they provided opportunities for students to work together on projects
  • they selected interesting excursions (field trips) that were relevant to class content
  • they valued and responded to student questions
  • they managed student behaviours well
  • they allowed elements of creative expression

What qualities do you feel are important for highschool teachers to develop?


  1. Sadly, my overwhelming memories of high school are of being ridiculed and bullied in class - and the teachers allowing it to happen. It's one of the reasons I became a teacher, to make sure I, at least, did something about it. At my 20 year high school reunion I was hoping some teachers would come so that I could discuss it with them. but none turned up. Of course; if they didn't care 20 years ago why would they care now?
    I did have a wonderful English teacher in year 10 - she had real enthusiasm about my abilities. She's also the only teacher I can clearly and individually recall. Not a coincidence.
    So I guess one essential quality I am looking for in a secondary teacher (or any teacher) is that managing student behaviour.
    Now as a primary teacher, I am most pleased at the end of the year by those students who really want to be in my grade again next year. If they want that and their parents do too, then I've achieved much of what I set out to do.

  2. Hi! I just happened to come across your blog while entering some giveaways..and was very excited to see a blog dedicated to teaching!! I'm a middle school teacher, I teach Language Arts. I'll subscribe and keep up to date

  3. I love my high school teachers. They aren't that strict and I learned a lot from them


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