Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday

This Week's Tip: Survey Savvy

Lately I've had the need to create some surveys. As part of the Enrichment Committee, I took on the role of creating a survey to find out how students like to be rewarded for their achievements. As part of the ICT Committee, I'd like to know what aspects of "My Classes" teachers require support with. I decided to look online and consider my options.

Survey Monkey was a popular choice and came recommended from a number of my tweeps. I liked the look of it, but the free version did not meet my needs. It allows for 100 responses to the survey, and there are more than 100 students at my school. It also limits the number of questions to 10.

I stumbled across Tiger Survey through a Google search. It is completely free and has special features that cater to schools. I found it frustrating to set up the survey I was creating, but once created it was easy to use. Some aspects don't work the way they should, but for a free product, it's not all bad. You can choose to make the survey and results public or private and can also print a PDF hard copy for those who would prefer that option. I'd suggest creating a tiny url for the link to make it easier for classes/teachers to access the poll.

Vizu Poll is a simple survey tool for polling people on one particular question. The poll can then be added to a blog or other website.

These are just the few examples I came across in my search. Have you found something that works effectively to meet your survey needs? Please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Have you tried using Google Forms to create your own surveys? I haven't used it much but heard lots of praise about it.


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