Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday

This week's tip: Embedding your Photos with Ease

I've been using Blogger for a few years now (including my first blog New York, New York) and while I love it most of the time, I find it very frustrating when I want to add more than one picture. All the formatting gets messed up and I spend a good half-hour just trying to get the pictures to work for me.

On the weekend I wanted to upload photos taken at the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Australia, and rather than go through the struggle again, I decided to give Flickr the chance to solve all my problems! I uploaded my photos to my Flickr account and stored them all in the same set.

To embed the photos as a slideshow:
  1. Click on the set.
  2. View photos as slideshow by clicking the little slideshow image
  3. After viewing the show, click the share option that comes up when you move your mouse over the picture OR While viewing, click the share option that comes up in the top right-hand corner when you move your mouse there.
  4. Copy the embed code and insert it into the html for your blog or website.
I was really happy with how easily this could be done and with how nicely it presents on the page. (I also like what I did with Jing today - check out those cool red arrows!)

Thanks for popping by today!


  1. Good tip. There are tons of ways to share pictures online. It depends on how you want to display them. My only problem with Flickr is that you can only have one set unless you buy a pro account.

  2. Hi Wm Chamberlain,
    That's what I thought too, that my Flickr sets were limited, but on closer inspection, I think they've changed the restrictions. I have a free account but already have four sets. You can see details here.


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