Saturday, March 21, 2009

What is the Teaching K-6 Carnival?

On the 7th of each month, Teaching Challenges hosts the Teaching K-6 Carnival. This blog carnival is a collection of posts about education from various bloggers around the world. Blog Carnival collects all the submissions and then just before the deadline I review the posts, lose the ads and compile them into an edition of the Teaching K-6 Carnival.

Blog Carnivals are one way of bringing all the great posts together in one place. Readers can get the highlights and delve deeper into the posts that interest them. Bloggers can share their writing with a greater audience. And hosts have the opportunity to read and review a range of great posts.

The next edition of the Teaching K-6 Carnival will be published here on the 7th. I have made some changes to allow for a greater range of posts. If you are a teacher or student blogger I encourage you to consider whether you have something you would like to share. We bloggers tend to think our writing isn't good enough, but we're wrong! People are interested in the things we are willing to share.

Submitting a post is easy. Simply go to the submit page, add in the link for the post and your details, select a category, type in the security code and hit submit.

There are now five categories bloggers might like to choose from, but please don't feel limited by these:

Gripes and Brags
This category is for posts about challenges (gripes) in the classroom and how teachers/students work through them. It is also for posts sharing the great things (brags) that are happening in (and out of) the classroom. Through this category we can bond and share in the things that are happening in classes around the world.

Innovate - Beyond the Slate
This category is for posts that address the use of both innovative ideas and learning technologies in the classroom. Try something new, post about it and then submit it in this category. This category is to keep us on our toes - thinking of fresh new ways to approach things and enhance learning.

In The News
This category is for posts that comment on educational discussions in the news or on the web. If you've read something great in a book, post, journal, newspaper or elsewhere, continue the discussion and submit the post in this category. This category ensures that we stay in tune with contemporary discussions around education.

Brain Strain
This category is for posts that delve into the concepts behind teaching and learning. They usually require more concentration than the posts in other categories, hence the name. Posts in this category help us to grow in our own understanding of learning theories and develop our teaching philosophy.

Look No Further
This category is for posts that are really lists, online journals or newsletters. I tend to think of it as the ads that are relevant!

I hope to read your posts soon. Without them, there is no "Teaching K-6 Carnival". Please spread the word to others, particularly if you come across a great post that fits the categories. See you back here on the 7th!

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