Saturday, August 1, 2009

ATESOL ACT Innovations in Technology in ESL Teaching

I was invited to present at this workshop. These are the slides and handout that I used for the presentation, however you won't be able to view the video I used or the audio recordings. For those who missed them, the video showed some ways that we have been using the Flip Camera in the classroom. You can read my post about this here. One audio file was students discussing what the "Mystery Object" might be, and the other was a Book Chat where students discussed their opinions of the characters, setting and plot from Rowan of Rin by Emily Rodda.

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  1. Hi Penny,

    Loved your presentation (not sure if it freaked out a few in the audience though! I think you did a good intro to Blogger, though being a wordpress girl at heart, I was conflicted :p) Great to get some new links and resources... feeling a little more inspired to get back to compiling all my SLP resource links again...

    I got a lot more personally from the other two presentations, but I think that's just being a seasoned webbie :p

    Take care!


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