Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday - 20 Free Learning Technology Resources

Today I share with you a guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes about online courses for OnlineCourses.org.
Thanks for putting this great collection together for us Karen.

20 Free Learning Technology Resources

Looking for free online resources to integrate technology into the classroom? The Internet is loaded with a variety of interactive games, activities, education technology blogs and podcasts to help you successfully implement new technology. Here is a list of 20 free learning technology resources to try:

BrainPOP - BrainPOP offers curriculum-based educational games and activities for students of all ages. The site's educator page also provides free tools and tips to help teachers use these games in the classroom.

Virtual Field Trips - The Education Network features virtual field trips that can be used by students who want to visit fun and exciting places that they might not otherwise be able to see. This site also allows teachers to create, add, and edit their own virtual field trip.

FunBrain - FunBrain offers interactive games and activities that teachers can use in the classroom for grades K-8. The site also provides fun movies, web books, and comics.

BGFL - This interactive whiteboard site provides games and activities that cover all subjects.

TeacherLED - TeacherLED offers resources to make introducing interactive whiteboards in the classroom easier. Resources are provided for several subjects, including math, literature, and geography.

Eduscapes - This site features tips and tricks for introducing interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Eduscapes also offers tutorials, workshops, assignments, curriculum ideas, and activities.

Free Technology for Teachers - This blog provides information and reviews on free technology as well as tips on how to implement new technologies in the classroom.

LearningPlanet.com - Designed for parents and teachers, LearningPlanet.com features powerful learning tools that teachers can use with students. Activities are available for students of all subjects and grades.

IKnowThat.com - This free game and activity site ignites lifelong learning in children through interactive games and social communication tools. IKnowThat.com offers activities that cover every major school subject.

Grammar Girl - Grammar Girl is a free podcast from Mignon Fogarty that presents short, simple memory tips for troublesome grammatical rules. Each episode is short and easy to listen to.

Eight Planets - Eight Planets offers overviews of the planets and moons through a free multimedia tour.

High Techpectations - High Techpectations is a blog that provides resources and ideas for educators as well as weekly technology site suggestions for teachers.

ABC Ya! - This free computer activity site provides fun games and lessons for elementary students. Each game and lesson has been created or approved by teachers.

SMART - SMART offers customizable interactive whiteboard resources for teachers to use in the classroom. This interactive site covers all subjects and grade levels.

MathGrad.com - This free mathematics podcast is an excellent resource for classroom teachers. MathGrad.com seeks to explain math through real life topics.

The Innovative Educator - The Innovative Educator blog features a wide range of tools and resources that educators can use to enhance teaching and learning.

ClassBrain - ClassBrain provides many different interactive learning games for students of all ages. Games can be played online and may also be used with interactive whiteboards.

American Museum of Natural History - The American Museum of Natural History provides several virtual tours that are wonderful for teaching students about history, space, and natural forms.

EdTechTalk - EdTechTalk's weekly podcasts provide information for learning about the uses of technology in the classroom. Podcast options include 21st Century Learning, EdTechTalk K-12, EdTechBrainstorm, and several others.


  1. Thanks so much for including BrainPOP on your list, Karen & Penny. I am blogging about it on BrainPOP Educators. So cool to hear you're using it in Australia! Thanks for helping to spread the word on BrainPOP Educators. I hope we get lots of teachers in Australia registered for our free resources!


  2. Great list. Here is another addition:

  3. Great list, I will pop some of those onto http://primaryschoolict.com

  4. It's a great list of learning resouece, I saw it on Propller and can't wait twittering it!

  5. Terrific list of resources for teachers.

  6. Thank you so much for providing such an informative blog! Great job!

  7. Wow! hope resources be successful working for the coming future.


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