Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday

This Week's Tip: Meet Me at the Corner

This week I discovered another video resource that is free, online, educational and isn't blocked by my school. Meet Me at the Corner provides a collection of video podcasts featuring children exploring the world and its wonders. During each episode a child host serves as a tour guide leading the viewer to sites of interest to children. Each episode comes with follow-up activities and additional resources.

While the creator of this site tells me that it is designed for children in America, I found that the children in my class enjoyed it too. Many of the places visited are in and around New York City (my favourite place in the world) so I derived pleasure from sharing some of these places with my students.

The most recent video was about Homing Pigeons, which tied in nicely with our recent reading of Mo Willems pigeon books. The video makes a great tool for developing prior knowledge before reading the books, or can be used after the books to inspire further research into raising pigeons.

If you have a student who likes to make things with their hands or a reluctant reader who likes pop-up books, I'd recommend watching the video: Robert Sabud & The Pop-Up Book. Robert Sabud explains the process of making a pop-up book and shows us how to make a pop-up card.

I look forward to using this site some more with my students and sharing it with other teachers across the school.

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  1. These short videos look like a great resource. They are just the right size for a brief change of pace between activities. Thanks for sharing them.


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