Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tech Tips Tuesday

This Week's Tip: Photo Fun
For some quick fun with photo effects, Photo Funia is the place to be. It's very easy to use and the kids LOVE it! Why not create a moon scene display board and get your students to put themselves in a spacesuit? Students can put their face on money, or wanted posters and see themselves as Jedi masters. I got a bit carried away with this, making myself a cupid, Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe and body builder. My students said: "Mrs Ryder, you seem to be having too much fun with this!"

Take a photo of all of your students in good light and save these to a location that is easy for students to access. (Files need to be less than 8MB). Ensure that the website is not blocked in your school.

  1. Students go to the website: http://photofunia.com/effects/
  2. They select the desired effect.
  3. THEY SELECT NOT TO HAVE THEIR PHOTO ADDED TO THE FACES SECTION OF THE WEBSITE (Some effects say this will not happen, others require students to tick the box).
  4. They choose the image they would like to upload and wait for their picture to be created.
  5. They then choose to save the image to an appropriate location (their folder).
  6. Students can then print the image from this folder or use the file in other multimedia products

Update: Please be warned that from time to time, inappropriate scenes may be included in the effects. Use at your own discretion.

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  1. I love PhotoFunia but never really thought about using it in the classroom. They would also be good to laminate and use as labels on drawers or a 'Welcome to our class' sign. Thanks for the tip!


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